Selected Posts from Crossed the Tiber Blog
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How To Develop A Personal Relationship With Jesus in the Mass

Our Conversion Story

Take The Saint Thomas Aquinas Pledge

"Quality of Life"- A Euphemism for Euthanasia

"You Gotta Eat the Lamb"- The Eucharist from OT to NT

"The Heartbeat Of God"- A story that illustrates the Eucharistic belief of the very early Church

Recapturing a Vision of The Church

"Cathochic" Tract-A Catholicized version of a popular anti-Catholic tract

Catholic Medical Ethics from the Catechism

"The Last Days of Mrs. M" - Catholic Medical Ethics

"Gilligan's Island and The Bible"-Why we need the whole Bible

The Assumption of Mary

Enthronement of the Sacred Heart Of Jesus in Your Home

Catholic Prayers

Eucharistic Adoration

Saint Francis DeSales Prayer Card

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